Episode 34 – Claymore, Castlevania and Spider-man

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, John and Greg talk about what we’ve been up to lately, including Claymore, Castlevania, and Spider-man: Homecoming. All this and more, including the ever popular Disney Movie Duels! Have a topic for us to talk about? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!


Episode 33 – Why You Should Play Persona 5 (SPOILER FREE!)


On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Greg tried to convince Dan to play Persona 5. Just what is a persona? And what is a Phantom Thief? Tune in to find out. Then let us know if this piqued your curiosity about this game.

Mega-shoutouts to Paul Shapera on the upcoming release of Act Two of the Lost Hollows trilogy.

Link to the Extra Credits episode mentioned going over basic Jungian psychology in Persona.


Episode 32 – Aliens VS Pirates!


On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, John and Greg go to the movies, but NOT the same ones. Greg sees Alien: Covenant  and John sees Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales .  Then, debate! As well as Nintendo Switch and Persona talk. Welcome to Season 3 of The Rabbit Hole Podcast!



Episode 31 – Spoilerriffic Logan Review Gets Turned Up To Eleven

On this Episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, we go to the movies! John, Greg, and Franco so see Logan, the final move for Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart as Wolverine and Professor X respectively. Join us as we give our SPOILER SPOILER WARNING SPOILERS thoughts on the movie. For a spoiler-free preview, check out Episode 26.


Episode 30 – Nier: Automata Hype and New Guest

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Greg is joined by a new guest! Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Justin! Although Nier: Automata (Aw-to-ma-ta, not a-tom-a-ta) is not out in the States yet, it is in Japan. Just has imported and beaten it, and is here to give us a spoiler-free look at what to expect when the game comes out March 7th.

Here is the lore video we mentioned in the episode. I feel it’s worth watching prior to Automata, especially if you haven’t played/finished Nier.


First Appearance of: Justin


Episode 29 – Mobile Games, Freemium Games, and Happy Birthday Rabbit Hole!

Happy one year Birthday/Anniversary to The Rabbit Hole Podcast! We really appreciate you listening in and joining us on this endeavor! On this episode, John uninstalls games from his phone and we discuss why. Also, we discuss various free-to-pay games and our thoughts on what works and what doesn’t. Let us know what mobile games you play and what you like or don’t like. Lastly, we take a look ahead a few months to anticipated titles. John’s got the Switch, and Greg’s got a lot of JRPGs. All this and more, on the Rabbit Hole Podcast.


Episode 28 – Spoiler Free Final Fantasy XV Review

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Greg played Final Fantasy XV. Here is his spoiler free review!


Episode 27 – The Bifrost Incident and Steam Recommendations

When John’s away, Greg get to play! On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast,Greg goes over what he’s been up to lately: namely listening to The Bifrost Incident by The Mechanisms and playing Steam games to recommend to you! All this and more on The Rabbit Hole Podcast!


Steam Recommendations

1. Optika
2. Fault (milestone 1 and 2)
3. Eden
4. Palinurus
5. Ironcast
6. Eternal Senia
7. klocki
8. zenge


Episode 26 – Logan, Other X-Men Movies, and Other Dan’s Return


On this Episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, John, Greg, and Other Dan are super hyped for the new Wolverine movie, Logan. After trailer reactions, we go (briefly) over the films of the X-Men franchise. What we liked, what we didn’t, and what we’re looking for out of Logan. John provides his usual witty repartee, Other Dan provides his years of indepth comic knowledge, and Greg…. well he owns a microphone so we have to let him in. All this, on this week’s episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast.


Episode 25 – Nintendo Switch and Disney Movie Duels

Has it been twenty five episodes already? You’d think by now we’d know what we’re doing. On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, John and Greg and joined by Mandy and Franco (and Dan by proxy) and discuss all things Nintendo Switch. Who’s super excited? (Spoilers: everyone except Greg) Who’s not totally excited yet and is really lame and really is a total n00b ? (Spoilers: Greg) Who’s writing this self-deprecating intro and should really get to the point? (Spoilers: Sigh…..Greg again…..) Make sure you stay tuned after the outro for some amusing outtakes! Lastly, the ever-popular Disney Movie Duels gets into some very heated conversation with some controversial choices. Agree? Disagree? Wish someone else would write these? Let us know!

Today’s intro music is from Boy Meets Robot! He can be found on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Go give him a listen, he’s pretty rad.

Also, we have a Steam Group! Come check us out and see what games Greg recommends. These will be smaller (or free) games that may have slipped your radar. So far it’s mostly good, short puzzle games and visual novels.


Episode 24 – Talkin’ Comics with Other Dan


On this episode, we have a brand new guest! Other Dan (not to be confused with Dynasty Warriors and Deadpool Dan) and Greg talk comics! Topics range from Marvel, Bendis, DC, corgis, and our love for indie comics and all things Valiant. Comic newcomers and veterans alike should find something they’ll enjoy in this one!

Also, we have a Steam Group! Come by and hang out and see some games Greg thinks you may have not played yet. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RabbitHolePodcast


First Appearance of: Other Dan


Episode 23 – TIG Talks 3 – Love is Love

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, we have another round of TIG Talks from Greg, this time about Love is Love, a joint venture comic from IDW and DC benefiting the victims of the Orlando Nightclub shooting this past year. Please give a listen to this rather earnest episode.


Love is Love at Lone Star Comics


Dec 23

Happy Holidays from The Rabbit Hole Podcast!

Happy Holidays from The Rabbit Hole Podcast! Best wishes to you and yours.


Episode 22 – So long 2016, Hello 2017

Happy Holidays from The Rabbit Hold Podcast! As we bid farewell to the dumpster fire that was 2016, we take a moment to look back, and realize that it wasn’t ALL bad, just mostly. We then go over things we’re looking forward to for 2017 and present the first ever Greggie and Johnny Game of The Year awards. And of course, the ever popular (or at least we think) Disney Movie Duels. Let us know what you think! Leave a comment or on facebook!


Episode 21 – Interview with Paul Shapera, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Sing Along with the Existential Crisis



On this episode, we have a very special guest, Paul Shapera, creator of The Dolls of New Albion, the brand new Miss Helen’s Weird West Cabaret and many more. Greg and Paul discuss Cabaret, why F#m7 is an amazing chord, flying zombie babies, and what food would be like in New Albion. As always, be sure to comment, share and email. We love hearing from you. Cabaret, as well of the rest of Paul’s works can be found here.

DISCLAIMER: There are some audio issues on this episode because Greg is still trying to figure out how to Skype. Bear with us and we apologize. Greg has been thoroughly reprimanded by Reilly the corgi.


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