Episode 20 – Video Game Awards


On this episode, Greg and John discuss The Video Game Awards! Also, Last Man Standing, Power Rangers, Gotham Central, and Steins;gate 0. Also, the ever popular Disney Movie Duels continues! All this on The Rabbit Hole Podcast!



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  1. Goose

    re: Breath of the Wild

    “I just cannot get into those games…” – Greg

    Get out.

    1. gddevries

      I know, I’m terrible. I mean, I love Link to the Past and Majora’s Mask, but I have a hard time getting in to the rest of the series. It is a problem with me, not Zelda itself.

      1. Alex

        Same here, that zelda formula does not work for me anymore.

  2. Alex

    Great episode!
    good luck on the platinum uncharted 4

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