Episode 25 – Nintendo Switch and Disney Movie Duels

Has it been twenty five episodes already? You’d think by now we’d know what we’re doing. On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, John and Greg and joined by Mandy and Franco (and Dan by proxy) and discuss all things Nintendo Switch. Who’s super excited? (Spoilers: everyone except Greg) Who’s not totally excited yet and is really lame and really is a total n00b ? (Spoilers: Greg) Who’s writing this self-deprecating intro and should really get to the point? (Spoilers: Sigh…..Greg again…..) Make sure you stay tuned after the outro for some amusing outtakes! Lastly, the ever-popular Disney Movie Duels gets into some very heated conversation with some controversial choices. Agree? Disagree? Wish someone else would write these? Let us know!

Today’s intro music is from Boy Meets Robot! He can be found on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Go give him a listen, he’s pretty rad.

Also, we have a Steam Group! Come check us out and see what games Greg recommends. These will be smaller (or free) games that may have slipped your radar. So far it’s mostly good, short puzzle games and visual novels.


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