Episode 32 – Aliens VS Pirates!


On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, John and Greg go to the movies, but NOT the same ones. Greg sees Alien: Covenant  and John sees Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales .  Then, debate! As well as Nintendo Switch and Persona talk. Welcome to Season 3 of The Rabbit Hole Podcast!




  1. Alex

    Hey John, don’t let Greg dissuade you from enjoying Alien Covenant!

    For a self professed fan of Alien and bad horror tropes like yourself John, Covenant sounds like your bag.

    Much like how we had no idea how end of Prometheus ties into Alien, Covenant leaves us in the same space. We have moved forward in the time line but it is not clear how many more Alien movies Ridley has lined up to eventually connect with the beginning of Alien.

    I would also argue that the lore stays completely intact. There are only 2 xenomorphs in the film and they both came from a face hugger which hatched from an egg, laid an embryo in a human, chest burster resulted and grows to be the iconic Xenomorph. exactly like every other xenomorph.

    the other creatures in covenant are different types that don’t look like xenomorphs and evolve from people infected with black goo. and have a different life cycle because they came from goo, not eggs. they look different, behave different and are immediately more lethal.

    Covenant looks incredible (creature cg early on is a little wonky). the pacing remains exciting. The framing and camera work, choreography all are executed well. New elements are introduced to the lore, while the core is sustained. It’s a very nice film to experience on a level of craft. Has a lot more going for it than Alien 3, resurrection, or AvPs.. those can be down right painful.

    1. John Rosenwinkel

      Thanks for the second opinion Alex!

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