Episode 5 – This is the choice of Stein’s Gate to talk about Pokemon

Episode 5 Image

Greg is finally back and joining this week is Zach and Mandy! Topics include Ghostbusters, Pokemon, Nintendoland rumors and Steins;gate.


First Appearance of: Zach and Mandy


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  1. Alex Keeney

    I can definitely relate and echo the Halo couch co op experiences in the college dorms. Hearing Mandy’s anecdote brought me back to 2003 sophomore year of college pitting 8 on 8 using 4 coinciding rooms and 4 xboxs networked together.

    The following year when Halo 2 arrived with Xbox live and on line play, some of that magic was gone.

    Great guests and great job Zack and Mandy

    Ghostbusters does not look so great. As someone not the least bit excited or interested, I am now disinclined to watch it. I’ll wait untill rotten tomatoes critic and user reviews start rolling in

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