Episode 8 – Katie and Franco and Miitomo, oh my! Also Tesla and Sabagebu

Episode 8 image


On this exciting episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Franco (previously seen on episode 2) and Katie join us for a rousing conversation. Topics include Miitomo, MMOs (specifically Wildstar and WoW), and Leap of Fate. Also, the Final Fantasy 15 demo is out! Only John played it! Then our hosts are forced to pick sides in our own mini Civil War as the conversation turns towards PCs VS Consoles. Then, Greg watched a really weird and hilarious anime called Sabagebu about high schools girls playing with airsoft guns. Its way over the top, quite violent and has a platypus in it! Lastly, Tesla Tesla Tesla.

Let us know what you think of this Monumental Episode of the Rabbit Hole Podcast!


First Appearance of: Katie



  1. Alex k

    Great episode! Lots of content covered with plenty of variety. Audio is a bit soft, have to turn up to max whatever I’m listening on.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We’ve been working on balancing our audio levels. Please keep giving us the feedback! It’s really helpful.

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