Episode 9 – The Life of Brian (Fishing with Ozzy)

Episode 9 image


During this Episode, John and new guest Brian (Hi Brian!) get nostalgic and reminisce about growing up and life of video games.



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  1. Zack Yes That Zack


    You guys introduced me to Little Nemo once upon a time. It was great jumping into a frog’s mouth.

    Halo parties remind me of swiping McGriddles and McNuggets from work and the phrase “Thats the only time you’ll say “Thank god its ONLY hemmoroids” also Pooples

    And Brain that register is still short $84 you bastard.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode Zack!

  2. Alex k

    Driver:San Francisco took that split screen car racer tag game you guys implented into midnight club and made an actual multiplier mode from that specific concept. Super fun couch vs

    1. That sounds awesome. I never played any of the Driver games.

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